Uniforms & Embroidered Apparel
Nov 08

5 Star Customer Service Reviews!

Excellence in Customer Service

I just want to take a moment to recognize the fantastic job that the staff at Image Connection does on a daily basis. I see it every day in the little things behind the scenes that they do to make our customer’s experience a positive one...and frankly it is often taken it for granted.

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Sep 10

Uniform Bid Service Requirements

One of our current customers is in the process of re-bidding their EMS Uniform program. The first page of their new bid requirements outlines the uniform program management services that we have been providing them. We Set The Standard By Which Our Competitors Are Judged. To learn more about our proprietary uniform management software, Image365™ visit us online: https://www.imageconnection.net/uniform-program-management

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Aug 15

The Best Work Shirts for Hot Weather

Shirts that Beat the Summer Heat

Trying to beat the summer heat at work can be a struggle no matter what industry you may be in. Whether you work hands on and outside in public safety or inside doing hospitality work, being cool and comfortable should always be a top priority. Though work uniforms are usually set, there are many different options to choose from once the weather starts to get hotter. To help you figure out the best options for you and your employees, we’ve outlined some of our favorite work shirts that help you stay cool all summer long.

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