Build Team Morale in Covid Times with Direct Shipment To Employees at Home

Yes, we can ship Embroidered apparel or promotional products directly to your employees or customers at their home!

Many businesses are no longer all gathered in a central office location and are working harder to build camaraderie and a team spirit. Embroidered apparel or promotional products with your logo is not only great for branding, but also for team morale.

We can help simplify the distribution of Logo’d apparel and gifts by shipping individually to each of their homes.  We get these requests occasionally but now more often than before. A simple spreadsheet properly formatted will allow us to simplify this process.  If you have a large number of employees, we can facilitate the process further by setting up a website to allow the employees or customers to  enter their own order and shipping address, with a single bill upon completion. Additional handling fees apply but start as low as $2.50 (+ shipping costs) per shipment depending on the complexity of the project. . Call us today for more information.