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Uniforms & Embroidered Apparel

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Image is everything. Your company apparel or uniform program speaks not only to your image but perhaps to your performance as well. Doctors in lab coats are more trusted.  Pilots in uniform are perceived as more competent. You are more likely to allow a  home service  professional into your house if they are wearing a clean, identifiable uniform. What image do you portray? Neat? Professional? Trendy? Fashionable?

Embroidery or other decoration on your uniforms, polo shirts or other products is a part of your image. When you order online you want some assurance that your supplier has more than a sales rep and a phone number. Not just a virtual company with virtually no service. Image Connection has been selling uniforms and embroidered apparel business to business since 1999. You see our embroidered products every day. We sell corporate apparel to Fortune 500 companies and uniforms to your National Parks and locally owned small businesses. We service all of them with the same enthusiasm for providing high quality embroidery, on high quality apparel, at fair prices. We do our own embroidery. We inspect every garment for flaws and color variations, and we inspect our embroidery for quality before it is shipped. We know apparel. We know our business. We know our customers. Call us during business hours and talk to a live person. WE GUARANTEE THE QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS AND OUR DECORATION 100%.

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