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Image is Everything!

Our leadership in B2B sales of company uniforms and image apparel is a result of years of listening, innovation, and service. We sell uniforms to national parks, retail chains, local business and institutions, all with the same passion for excellent service.

Our customer service is second to none due in part our in-house decorating, our dedicated people, and our proprietary technology. Our Image365™ order management system drives our websites, our production, and our customer service like nothing else in the industry. What does that mean to you? Faster orders, comprehensive uniform program management services, and customized company stores.

Our promise to you is to provide quality apparel products for your employees, top-quality embroidery, screen printing or other garment decoration, and world class service all at a fair price. A package most customers simply refer to as a great value.

Quick Facts About Image Connection:
  • We've been selling company uniforms, embroidered apparel, and promotional products to small businesses, national parks, and Fortune 500 companies since 1999.
  • We do our embroidery in-house and inspect every garment to ensure the utmost quality.
  • We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service.
  • We guarantee the quality of our products and our decorations.
  • We simplify every step of your employee uniform program from ordering to delivery.
  • Our proprietary web-based software platform, Image365, can help you manage allowances and allotments for your company uniform program.

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