Providing uniforms & embroidered apparel since 1999.

About Us

Image Connection, LLC has been selling uniforms and embroidered apparel business to business since 1999. You see our embroidered products every day. We sell corporate apparel to Fortune 500 companies and uniforms to your National Parks and locally owned small businesses. We service all of them with the same enthusiasm for providing high-quality embroidery, on high-quality apparel, at fair prices.



What Separates Us From Our Competitors

Our proprietary order management software (Image365) facilitates all facets of our business. We offer the easiest and fastest system to develop web stores for our customers and our online business.  Whether you have a complex employee uniform allowance, or you are just looking for a company store to allow employees to order easily, our customer service team can have your store up and running in short order.  

Each embroidery and decoration within our system is stored to make sure your next order gets the same decoration as your last. We can create sophisticated products unique to any customer which are automatically decorated with the proper artwork. There is no guesswork on your part, in customer service, or in production.

We track your order from placement to shipment, so your order status is always available either online or through customer service. Your order history is also available so you can “duplicate the last order” or look up the style number on that shirt the boss liked last year.

With over seven years in development, our software is the envy of industry associates who have had the chance to witness us in action. Our full-time development team continues to hone our services to focus on the needs of our customers, and stay ahead of the competition.

Our Quality

We inspect every garment for flaws and color variations, and we inspect our embroidery for quality before it is shipped. Many of our competitors never see the product before delivering it to you. They utilize the lowest priced contractor for their embroidery, who drop ships the order to you; this allows them to operate with little or no overhead. They may provide you with great prices, but little or no support after the sale. Occasionally, problems do arise, but it is better that we call you to discuss the problem, rather than you call to notify us.

We guarantee the quality of our products 100%. Period.