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Nov 13

Common Problems of Managing a Uniform Program, and Solutions From Image Connection

Common Headaches of An Employee Uniform Program
(and how Image Connection can help solve them)

If you have experience managing a company uniform program, then you are familiar with one or more of the problems listed below. Take a minute to read about our solutions to these common problems.

Problem: Collecting orders from every employee. 

Whether you have 10 employees or 100 the initial process of collecting everyone’s size and preference can be a tedious process. If you spend 5 or 10 minutes with each employee discussing the options and preferences, you can quickly eat up hours, days or weeks.

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Aug 02

Custom Logo Backpacks and Bags

Custom Logo Backpacks and Bags

One of the best corporate gift ideas is a logo briefcase, logo backpack, or an embroidered laptop bag. Loaded with functionality, a high-quality bag that’s been custom embroidered with your company name and/or logo creates a traveling billboard with multiple impressions to be seen all over the world, for a minimal investment.

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Jul 11

Uniform Program Management Made Easy

No More Uniform Headaches

If you have found this article, I am guessing you are one of the thousands of individuals tasked with managing your company uniform program, and you are looking for an easier and better way.  I’m going to describe that better way for you:

First, The old way:

Someone in your company (probably you) spends weeks or more gathering everyone’s sizes on a legal pad or order form. Then you consolidate those orders into one bulk order for the various styles of shirt, pants, and jackets so that you can place the order with your uniform vendor. If you have multiple departments, chances are you have quite a variety of styles or colors to keep straight -- perhaps even two or more different embroideries with different departments or divisions.

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