Uniforms & Embroidered Apparel
Apr 24

Add the American Flag to Your Uniforms

We have several flag options and sizes of American flags that you can add to your uniform shirts, hats, or jackets.  Let me give you a quick rundown:

American Flag sleeve patches are the most commonly used US Flag. They are usually sewn on either the right or left shoulder, with the stars or blue field always in the front. The story goes that the stars always lead us into battle…or that if the flag, if actually present the stars would always be in front.  These patches are 2” high by 3 ½” wide. Often used for police, fire, EMS and other service uniforms.

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Dec 29

Finding the Best Uniform Company For You

Finding The Best Uniform Company

If you have started the process of researching for a new uniform company, I’d like to share with you what our customers expect:

  1. A uniform company who understands your needs

A brief conversation on the phone will let you know immediately if this supplier understands who you are and what you need. There are literally thousands of uniform suppliers who can take your order and have uniforms shipped to you. If that is all you need, you’re in luck.  Most customers who are shopping  are looking to improve on their current program for one reason or another.  Pick up the phone and start the conversation.  You will know right away if this company is potentially a good fit, or an online broker

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Nov 27

Uniform Program Consolidated Billing

Uniform Billing Made Easy

At Image Connection we have added a new feature to our Image365™ order management system, consolidated billing for uniform programs.  We have done this for customers in the past but it was always a manual process, basically taking individual orders and re-creating a single invoice with all of the information, subject to human error.  Now we have automated this feature to make it 100% accurate and easier for all parties involved.  All of the detail on the original order is preserved and available customers via our online portal, but only the consolidated bill is sent for payment.

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