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Sep 21

Proper Uniform Sizing

Proper fit is important in a uniform program.  If the employee is uncomfortable they will find reasons to avoid wearing your uniform or perhaps to avoid wearing it the way you intended. Leaving their shirt untucked for example.  We have developed a solution that we use for both local customers and those whom we can’t service personally due to location. These are often customers who have found us online seeking uniform program management services that we offer. Our solution is a custom sizing kit.

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Sep 28

Managing Your Employee Uniform Allowance

Our Image365™order management software is the easy online solution for managing your uniform program.  Our proprietary software integrates your online store, the individual employee’s uniform allowance, and our in-house decoration to make the process seamless and painless for your employees and your program administrator.  We do have requirements on the size and scope of any program we build websites for, but here is a brief synopsis of how our program works.

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Jun 27

Why You Need High Visibility Safety Apparel With Reflective Striping

When it comes to protecting employees from hazards in the workplace, safety apparel with reflective striping is an essential component. Reflective striping not only signals caution to those who are approaching a potentially dangerous area but can often be a legal requirement in certain industries. Whether it’s for construction workers, miners, or seafarers, or landscapers, having the right warning signals in place can help keep workers out of danger and reduce potentially hazardous conditions.

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