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Jun 09

Image365 Web Store Software Resounding Success!

Over the last several months, we have quietly rolled out our new website platform Image365, designed for company stores and for managing employee uniform allowance programs. We have successfully migrated all of our existing websites and company stores to the new platform and have begun adding new sites for our customers who have been patiently waiting.

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Dec 16

Online Solutions For Managing Your Uniform Program

We regularly get inquiries from around the world from people who read about our uniform management program, Image365, who want to buy it, use it, lease it, or just find out how it works. Some are competitors (You really think we don’t know?), some are government agencies, but most inquiries are from companies looking for a better and easier way to do business.

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Jan 03

Uniform Rental Programs vs. Direct Uniform Purchase

Many years ago at a trade show, one business owner approached me for advice on transitioning from a uniform rental program for his employees to a direct purchase program. I helped recommend styles, discussed the transition and gave him my insight on how to gracefully leave his rental service. The next year he sought me out at the show. He had purchased uniforms for every employee. He started an employee retirement plan with left over funds, and still paid out less money that he was spending on the rental program. He was extremely happy and so were his employees.

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Mar 22

Your Personal Online Uniform Store: Manage Your Merchandise

Is your company looking for an easy and efficient way to manage your corporate uniform program? Image Connection is proud to offer a cutting edge solution when it comes to managing branded merchandise such as polo shirts, work uniforms, accessories and more. Our journey started when we realized avoid in the industry and the need for a software solution that made it easy to manage business, ecommerce and future company stores. From there we developed Image365™, an easy way for our customers to manage their uniform program. Your online uniform store will be an essential part of your program. It’s here where you will be able to limit uniform selections, choose decoration options, take control of allowances and receive unbeatable customer service. See below how all of these features create a simple, unique and comprehensive way to manage your merchandise.

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Jun 07

Uniform Allotment vs. Uniform Allowance

Whether you are a government entity or a private concern one thing all uniform programs have in common is a budget. Allotment and allowance features are great budget tools for the employees, but not always for you, if you are the manager assigned to oversee the program logistics.  Our job as a uniform supplier is to make your job easier. Uniform programs can be simple or complex…every customer has a unique set of requirements.  At Image Connection, we are customer focused, working hard to make our system fit your requirements, not the reverse.  We are technology driven, creating solutions where none exist.  Our company is large enough to meet your needs and small enough to implement changes. 

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