Your Personal Online Uniform Store: Manage Your Merchandise

An Online Store Tailored for your Business Needs

Is your company looking for an easy and efficient way to manage your corporate uniform program? Image Connection is proud to offer a cutting edge solution when it comes to managing branded merchandise such as polo shirts, work uniforms, accessories and more. Our journey started when we realized avoid in the industry and the need for a software solution that made it easy to manage business, ecommerce and future company stores. From there we developed Image365™, an easy way for our customers to manage their uniform program. Your online uniform store will be an essential part of your program. It’s here where you will be able to limit uniform selections, choose decoration options, take control of allowances and receive unbeatable customer service. See below how all of these features create a simple, unique and comprehensive way to manage your merchandise.

Limit Product Selections

Complete uniforms thanks to a uniform management program

Your online company store allows you to make decisions regarding product selections, logo options and limit those options to only those which are pre-approved. Each site and each category is built specifically to your needs and your industry, be it hospitality, restaurant, EMS, fire safety or something else. With thousands of options to choose from, we can customize your store features in order to fit any unique circumstance. This is the place for your employees to see an organized display with exactly what they need, to save you time, money and be hassles.

Embroidery and Decoration Options

Embroided uniform work shirt

Our in-house decorating means partnering with us in order to give you the widest selection of decorating options available. You have the ability to transform your uniforms into clothing or accessories that reinforce your brand and get your messages across. Whether you need embroidered options, screen printing, reflective transfers or more, we have what you need. We can fulfill your uniform program with these options and are able to discuss quotes or recommendations when needed.

Take Control of Uniform Allowance

Money showing what you can save with a uniform management program

Is your company spending too much money on uniforms that are over ordered or go to waste? Your online uniform store allows you to take control of your uniform finances. Through your online store, you will be able to set fixed dollars amounts or a fixed number of pieces that your employees can order during your budget period. This makes it impossible for employees to go over their allotment and allows you to easily track spending. If employees were to go over, you can choose to deny the order, make them pay with a credit card or notify the administrator. This feature can pre-load your budgets in order to ensure that your pre-determined limits are adhered too.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Image 365 offers unbeatable customer service

Investing in your personal online uniform store means receiving the best tools and customer service available to you. We’re able to break down your store in a way that makes it simple and easy for employees to use. We pride ourselves in being able to work with our customers to make sure they have a fast turnaround time and all their individual needs met. Our team of experienced customer service professionals will answer your phone calls and provide you will all the answers you need.

Are you interested in discovering how your company can have a personal online uniform store? Find out more about Image 365 technology and the other features we can offer you today!

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