Managing Your Employee Uniform Allowance

Uniform Program management

A legal pad is no longer an effective means of managing your employee uniform allowance. With today’s technology most employers are looking for a complete package from their uniform supplier to make their lives easier.  In a clothing allowance or allotment program employees are either assigned a dollar budget (allowance) or a set number of uniform pieces (allotment)they are allowed to purchase at the employers expense. Usually these budgets run annually, and may run concurrent with a fiscal year or an employee’s work anniversary.

Our Image365™order management software is the easy online solution for managing your uniform program including uniform allowance.  Our proprietary software integrates your online store, the individual employee’s uniform allowance, and our in-house decoration to make the process seamless and painless for your employees and your program administrator.  We do have requirements on the size and scope of any program we build websites for, but here is a brief synopsis of how our program works.

  1. Uniforms styles are selected for each position required. Uniforms that are to be decorated or otherwise embellished are assigned a unique style number for your program. This insures that every time that style is ordered it gets the right decoration(s) in the right location(s).

  2. Each job classification is assigned a budget. Usually a $ amount to spend annually, but there are other options. This information is supplied by you, the customer. You determine if employees are allowed to exceed their budget and pay with a personal credit card.

  3. You online store is prepared, and each job classification is given its own category on the website. It will be readily apparent to anyone viewing the website. The products available for that position are displayed in that category. Products can be in multiple categories to be purchased by any or all job classifications… The products can be arranged however you feel it needs to be organized to make sure it is clear to your employees.

  4. There are several parameters available. For example, do you want an administrator copied on every order, or do want them to manually approve (via email) every order?(We don’t recommend either of these options but they are available) .

  5. You supply us with a list of employees, job classifications, budget amounts, and email addresses. We will load this information into our system. A welcome email is sent to the employee with instructions on how to log in and order.

  6. When the employee logs in and begins shopping they will see what their budget is. This is in real time. If they exceed their budget amount they will have to reduce the order or enter a personal credit card (customer determined parameter)

  7. Orders are live into our Image365™ management system. An order confirmation is sent via email to the employee and if required a copy to the administrator.

  8. Orders are bundled for each individual with a sopy of the order palce online. Bundles are shrink wrapped for each employee.

  9. Upon shipping, if you prefer we can consolidate individual invoices to minimize your AP paperwork.

There are many program details to address along the way. Often we consolidate orders for shipping purposes to minimize freight charges. You may have other special requests or program requirements and we do our best to accommodate those. Our program may or may not be a good fit for your managing uniform program…call us today and let’s discuss your needs.  615.309.8250