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Dec 23

A Uniform Web Store for Your Hospital Department

There are many companies who will allow their employees to purchase apparel with the company logo, at the employee expense of course. Our experience has been that generally these programs are a failure.  However, hospitals can be an exception.

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Apr 05

ImagePak: Individual Employee Uniform Packaging

Image Connection is proud to be a uniform company unlike any other. Our program management system, Image 365™, was created to deliver a simple, comprehensive and unique custom solution to your uniform management needs. Not only can you set employee uniform allowances, have access to your online uniform store, and receive contract pricing, but you also receive personalized services. ImagePak™, our custom packaging service is just one of the included benefits. Whether your uniform order is big or small, ImagePak™ ensures a fast, organized delivery that is sorted by employee and management needs. See how the features of ImagePak™ can execute and provide your company with an easy way to organize incoming uniform shipments.

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Aug 28

Build Team Morale in Covid Times with Direct Shipment To Employees at Home

Yes, we can ship Embroidered Apparel or Promotional Products directly to your employees or customers at their home!

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