ImagePak: Individual Employee Uniform Packaging

Organize Your Uniforms

Image Connection is proud to be a uniform company unlike any other. Our program management system, Image 365™, was created to deliver a simple, comprehensive and unique custom solution to your uniform management needs. Not only can you set employee uniform allowances, have access to your online uniform store, and receive contract pricing, but you also receive personalized services. ImagePak™, our custom packaging service is just one of the included benefits. Whether your uniform order is big or small, ImagePak™ ensures a fast, organized delivery that is sorted by employee and management needs. See how the features of ImagePak™ can execute and provide your company with an easy way to organize incoming uniform shipments.

Sort by Employee

Packaging your corporate uniforms and apparel

Have you ever ordered company uniforms and discovered that the sorting process depended on you once they arrived? When ordering for lots of employees a crucial factor for things running smoothly is being able to quickly sort through the shipments. This is where our ImagePak™ system does the work for you. When using Image 365™, all your delivery needs are taken care of. Once your order is placed, the uniforms are bundled and shrink wrapped for each employee to make distribution easy when they arrive. This ensures that each individual employee has everything delivered to them in one package with all their information on it.

Sort by Department

Sort work shirts by department

Aside from sorting by employee, ImagePak™ can also take organization one step further. ImagePak™ also sorts and packages uniforms based on department. Each box will arrive clearly labeled by department with the names of the employee whose uniforms are inside. ImagePak™ is designed to make your life easier, and these added benefits can do just that.

Fast Roll Out and Delivery

Embroidered uniforms delivered quickly

Even If your company uniforms require embroidery and decoration options, Image Connection can still provide a quick turnaround time for delivery. Since we do everything in house we still have a handle on delivery time and ensure quality control. Our experienced customer service staff will always be there to assist your needs or answer your questions. ImagePak™ is just one of the many unique benefits Image 365™ has to offer.

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