A Uniform Web Store for Your Hospital Department

There are many companies who will allow their employees to purchase apparel with the company logo, at the employee expense. Our experience has been that generally these programs are a failure.  Sure employees like wearing the company logo, they just don’t like being expected to pay for it. That is why we choose not to set up a uniform web store unless the company underwriting some or all of the expense.


Hospitals can be an exception. Hospital employees are required to wear proper uniforms, and most employees are looking for a jacket or other cover-up to help them stay warm in a normally cold environment. What could be more proper than a jacket embroidered with the hospital logo and the department?   In large hospitals where some departments have hundreds of employees covering 3 shifts, we have been able to successfully establish web stores that we open for a few weeks at a time, a few times a year.  Employees can easily order and pay without anyone having to hassle with collecting sizes and money. The orders are processed all at once when the website closes, allowing us to treat this as a bulk order and reduce the price of embroidered apparel for the individual employees. We then make a single shipment with each employee’s order individually packed inside. This does require a coordinator who then distributes the individual packages.


If you feel you have enough employees to make a program worthwhile, talk with one of our sales representatives to get the details.