Online Solutions For Managing Your Uniform Program

We regularly get inquiries from around the world from people who read about our uniform management program, Image365, who want to buy it, use it, lease it, or just find out how it works. Some are competitors (You really think we don’t know?), some are government agencies, but most inquiries are from companies looking for a better and easier way to do business. Spreadsheets and legal pads are out of vogue in the internet age as a means of managing your apparel program. Every department is expected to do more with less, and so they are looking to suppliers for help. What used to be the closet full of embroidered shirts and hats (all in boxes with the wrong product labels) is now someone’s work space.

 A website for employees to purchase uniforms is a good start but someone still has to keep track of who buys what.  If shirts are no longer stored in the closet or under someone’s desk, how it does it get to the employee? Who is responsible for ordering, tracking, and reporting on this mess?

As a supplier we feel this is all part of our job.  We have developed software to help manage your employee uniform program. We can manage the annual uniform allotment or allowance, and give each employee the ability to order and track shipments online. They can  interact with us if they have a question or issue. This frees up your time for the functions that are actually part of your job description.

We have also adapted our solution as well for areas where uniforms are required, but not provided. This includes many hospitals, restaurants, trades schools, and more. With our custom online store, each employee can select the approved styles best suited to their individual needs. They can pay individually and have the order shipped to their home, or have it shipped with the rest of the employee’s orders in a bulk shipment that includes individual packages for each employee.

Whatever your service needs might be we are confident we have an online solution. Call us today to discuss your service requirements with one of our solution experts. 615-309-8250. Or click here to send us an inquiry.