Image365 Web Store Software Resounding Success!

Over the last several months, we have quietly rolled out our new website platform Image365, designed for company stores and for managing employee uniform allowance programs. We have successfully migrated all of our existing websites and company stores to the new platform and have begun adding new sites for our customers who have been patiently waiting.

The response has been fantastic! Customers are impressed with Image365, the new professional looking template and the ease of navigation and ordering. More important from our perspective, we can create a new company website in short order, and every piece and every page can be customized as needed. 

At Image Connection, we have invested heavily in our future and yours. We are one of a few select companies selling uniforms, embroidered apparel, or promotional products, to continue development of proprietary software solutions to reduce operational errors and to improve and expand our services. Each of our customers it seems have a unique set of requirements, and we have found that rather than compromise with “off the shelf” solutions, we’ll build our own, Image365.