Proper Uniform Sizing


Proper fit is important in a uniform program.  If the employee is uncomfortable they will find reasons to avoid wearing your uniform or perhaps to avoid wearing it the way you intended. Leaving their shirt untucked for example.  We have developed a solution that we use for both local customers and those whom we can’t service personally due to location. These are often customers who have found us online seeking uniform program management services that we offer. Our solution is a custom sizing kit.

Uniform Sizing Kit

Most uniform programs include a limited number of products. When we do sizing in person for a new program we bring a complete range of sizes for the employees to try on to make sure they get the size that best fits them. Our presence at this “sizing event” can help answer questions, but by and large we don’t really need to be there other than to record the size the employee wants to order. Our sizing kits make it easy for the employee to find the proper size on their own. Kits usually include one of piece of each product in every size.  These are embroidered with the company logo as they would normally be, but in addition we embroider the size of the garment prominently on the front. On a shirt it may say “MEN’S LARGE” opposite the logo embroidery. The pants will have something like “WAIST 36”. For pants that require hemming our patented Easy Inseam™ system allows the employee to roll the pant up to the exact length they desire and record the inseam.  Not only is it easy for the employee to identify the proper size, this decoration also prevents pieces from the sizing kit from becoming a part of an employee’s wardrobe.

We also add step by step ordering instructions to the kit along with a list of what is contained in each kit. All of this information is also available online if we have a custom website for your company.  No longer is it necessary for an employee to make a special trip somewhere to be sized for their uniform. We have done our best to make our uniform sizing kits “self-service” for your employees. Of course, we are always available by phone or email to answer any questions that may arise.  Customers usually purchase a sizing kit for each main location. Because we see this as beneficial for us as well as our customer, we offer these sizing kits at a discount for uniform program customers.