Uniform Program Management Made Easy

If you have found this article, I am guessing you are one of the thousands of individuals tasked with managing your company uniform program, and you are looking for an easier and better way.  I’m going to describe that better way for you:

First, The old way:Strressed Uniform Buyer

Someone in your company (probably you) spends weeks or more gathering everyone’s sizes on a legal pad or order form. Then you consolidate those orders into one bulk order for the various styles of shirt, pants, and jackets so that you can place the order with your uniform vendor. If you have multiple departments, chances are you have quite a variety of styles or colors to keep straight -- perhaps even two or more different embroideries with different departments or divisions.

After waiting several weeks for the order to be shipped, you reverse the process, sorting the uniforms by department and employee. Then the process of handing them all out, hoping that when you are done, the pieces you have leftover are minimal, and that the shirts you gave Bob and the rest of the crew were all the right size.


Our Way:Happy Uniform Buyer

You choose which products you want to offer and what embroidery or decoration each uniform may get. We also need to know how many uniforms each employee gets, or if you prefer you can give everyone a dollar amount they can spend. We’ll set up a website for your employees to order uniforms online.

If you set a specific number of uniforms or dollar amount for the uniform program, your employees are confined to those limits. If you wish, employees can order extra uniforms on a personal credit card, but you will never be charged for more than the uniform allowance you have given each employee.

Each employee’s order is packaged separately before shipping. If you have different departments ordering simultaneously we can also pack employee orders by department. If you need orders billed separately by department, we can set up separate billing accounts to help you manage department uniform budgets. Some customers prefer to order uniforms for all employees at the same time, in which case we generally will make a single large shipment to help defray freight cost. If you spread out your uniform orders or allow employees to order “on demand” when they have a chance to go online. We will generally be making weekly shipments for you. Each employee order is separate, but we will gladly consolidate orders for invoicing to simplify the process for your AP department as well.

This is just a quick overview, but we can customize the program to fit your needs. Our proprietary order management software, Image365™, is designed with flexibility so we can answer the needs of individual customers.

The only way to know for sure is with a quick, personal consultation to discuss your individual program needs. Contact Image Connection today to discuss your requirements.