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Online Company Stores

Online company uniform stores are a great solution to managing branded merchandise whether it is an online uniform program, embroidered golf shirts, promotional products, or a combination of these things. An online company store will allow a marketing manager to limit product selections and logo options to those pre-approved combinations that enhance the company brand and eliminate those hideous options that employees seem to want to create on their own. Now, most all employers can now offer the simplicity and convenience of an online employee uniform store with our proprietary Image365™ online ordering portal. Inhouse embroidery

Over 10 years ago we recognized the need for a software solution to help manage our business, our ecommerce, and our company stores for the future.  After utilizing 2 of the largest providers in the industries we served we realized that the only way to get what we really wanted and needed was to build it ourselves.  Like most software it has evolved along with our business and our customers over time. Our software helps us with the daily tasks of managing customer orders, placing PO’s with our vendors, and making sure that of our thousands of embroidery designs, the right design ends up on the right product.  That was step one of our process.

Step 2 was our customer facing module we call Image365™.  This manages all of our public and customer specific websites. This is not an “off the shelf” ecommerce program where we use bubble gum and bailing twine (figuratively)  to make it work for our customers, but rather we have built this from the ground up to manage apparel, embroidery, websites, budgets, uniform allowance programs, promotional products and every other aspect of programs our customers have asked for over the years.  And with a full time programmer on staff we often make adjustments on the fly to honor specific customer requests. Some features of our Image365 company stores:

Initial Investment. We build the websites at our expense. We ask for a 3 year exclusive commitment from our customers to offset our investment.

Ease of Use.  We make online uniform ordering simple for your employeesProducts in your program to your specs. Each item number has your embroidery (or other decoration) attached so your employees don’t  have to guess which logo you wanted them to you. We break everything down to the simplest denominator to avoid confusion.

Budgeting Options. Whether you want to make sure a remote location stays within budget, or if you provide a specific dollar amount for each employee to have a uniform allowance…we can pre-load your budgets to insure that your pre-determined limits are adhered to.

Fast Roll Out. Unless you need special programming, we can usually have your website with all of your specific products ready in about 2 weeks.

Fast Delivery. We do our own embroidery to insure quick turn around and quality control.

Experienced Customer Service. Yes, it matters. One of them will actually answer the phone when you call.

Indivisual Order bundlesImage PAK™ Individual Bundling. When we get orders for numbers of employees at a single location, Orders are bundled/shrink wrapped for each person to facilitate distribution when they arrive.

Manager Approval. This is an ON/Off feature. Many customers feel they want a specific person to have the final say on approving all orders. When this feature is enabled that person will receive a copy of every order, and all orders will be held until that person physically clicks the button to approve it.  Frankly we have found that most customers who enable this feature, turn it off once they get comfortable with our process.

Added Features. What do you require? Build it and they will come. A good customer came to us recently and asked that we set up a site so that each of about 500 employees could go online and order 1 shirt. We created the site and uploaded the employee list. Orders were shipped packaged by department and by location. Each shipment was sent to the department manager including a list of employees whose order s were in each box. Each employee order was individually bagged with a copy of the order they placed online.

This industry if filled with companies who want to stand out from the crowd, doing the same thing as everyone else.  Image Connection has chosen to develop our own unique solutions so our customers never have to just settle for what’s available.  That doesn't mean that every customer request is financially feasible for us, but it means that we can control the available solutions and provide viable options to meet your needs. Call us today to discuss your requirements. We’ll be happy set you up up on a demo site with no obligation.