Add the American Flag to Your Uniforms

We have several flag options and sizAmerican Flag Patches for Uniformses of American flags that you can add to your uniform shirts, hats, or jackets.  Let me give you a quick rundown:

American Flag sleeve patches are the most commonly used US Flag. They are usually sewn on either the right or left shoulder, with the stars or blue field always in the front. The story goes that the stars always lead us into battle…or that if the flag, if actually present the stars would always be in front.  These patches are 2” high by 3 ½” wide. Often used for police, fire, EMS and other service uniforms.

US flags directly embroidered on the product are also popular. We have traditional rectangle flag embroidery in a few sizes. The larger size is suitable on the shoulder instead of the patch, and the smaller sizes look good on short sleeve hems, the side of hats, and back yoke of garments below the neck.  We also have a waving flag that looks exceptionally good on the left or right chest of your short, opposite your embroidered logo.

My new favorite is small woven American flag just 1 ¼” wide that is heat applied. We can place this anywhere we can get the flat surface under our press.  The side and back of hats, on pockets, sleeve hems, neck yokes, even on a collar if requested. This is our newest and “cleanest” American Flag decoration for uniforms and it’s quickly gaining in popularity.  

We’ve also done screen printed flags on T shirts, and digitally printed transfers on some lighter weight performance polo shirts. If you would like the American Flag on your uniforms just ask and we’ll be happy to find a solution that works for your program.