How to Make Work Uniforms Fashionable

Spice Up Your Work Uniforms

Are you bored with your usual work uniforms? If your company requires its employees to wear the same thing day after day you may feel like it’s time for a change. Instead of just throwing on your usual work shirt and work pants, try thinking outside the box and try something new. Though it’s still required to wear the standard pieces, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it fashionable. See how sprucing up your uniforms with accessories, decorations and different pieces can transform the way your company and employees can look and feel.


Embroided Company Uniforms

When employees are wearing identical uniforms, it creates a sense of unity but can lose a sense of personalization. This becomes especially true if the uniforms don’t have any distinguishing symbols or logos on them. Deciding to embroider or decorate uniforms can help change that. Choosing a uniform company that can embroider company logos or names right onto the garments can help set employees apart from the rest. You may want to really push the envelope, and perhaps consider a unique location for your logo. We’re seeing more companies request logo placement beyond the left chest and back yoke, including sleeves, shirt tails, collars, back shoulder placement and more. Work uniforms don’t have to be boring and can be decorated with lots of different options. Choosing from heat transfers, reflective transfers, patches and more can help create a work uniform employees feel good in and are proud to wear.


Accessorize With Company Uniforms

Allowing employees wiggle room to accessorize can be a good way for them to show their own unique senses of style. If their choices are within the employee’s uniform guidelines, this can help allow employees to make uniforms their own. Women can choose to accessorize their uniforms by wearing statement necklaces, earrings and other jewelry. They can also choose to wear colorful shoes of different styles that can make their whole uniform pop. For men, they can experiment with different belts, shoes and socks. If done in the right way, these different style guidelines can make your employees feel good about themselves while they are working.

Mix and Match

Emrboided Company Ball Caps

Utilizing the same old pieces of clothing everyday can get boring no matter how much you try to accessorize. Switching things up by adding new pieces to your uniform program can help create an entirely new look and feel. With additions, such as hats, visors, sportswear and more, you can make uniforms practical for many different occasions. Giving employees the option to wear tank tops and jackets can allow them the chance to mix and match while still being within employee guidelines. If you’re getting tired of the same look every day, it may be time to consider a change!

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