Uniform Program Consolidated Billing

If your uniform program involves lots of employees you may find that trying to manage the flow of products, information, ordering, and invoices can be challenging. Some uniform companies may require you to place large orders (or limited orders) so they can ship and bill you in bulk. This puts the responsibility on you to make sure you know who has ordered what, and that it gets to the right person once delivered.

Some companies will allow you to place an individual order for each employee. This allows you to track what each employee spends, and usually creates a separate shipment or package making it easier to get the right products to the right employee. Most often, this also results in a separate bill for each employee. Great for budgeting, but not so for accounts payable, (just ask them).

At Image Connection we have added a new feature to our Image365™ order management system, consolidated billing for uniform programs.  We have done this for customers in the past but it was always a manual process, basically taking individual orders and re-creating a single invoice with all of the information, subject to human error.  Now we have automated this feature to make it 100% accurate and easier for all parties involved.  All of the detail on the original order is preserved and available customers via our online portal, but only the consolidated bill is sent for payment.

For customers using our uniform allowance or allotment features this is now a standard option.  Image Connection continues to be a leader in the uniform industry offering service features to our customers that many companies in the industry have difficulty providing. We continue to invest in our proprietary software solution for uniform program management, Image365™. Just a quick recap of our Image365™ services for your uniform program.

  1. Custom Websites for your uniform program

  2. Employee web access can be limited by position or classification

  3. Uniform allowance (dollar restrictions) or uniform allotment (product restriction) features.

  4. Employees exceeding their allowance or allotment can purchase additional approved products with personal credit card.

  5. Bulk shipping to limited locations with ImagePAK™ individualized packaging, or direct shipping to each employee.

  6. Approval option allows supervisor or managers to review and approve every order if desired.

  7. Individual orders can be consolidated into single weekly invoice for easy processing.

If you have a uniform program and need service features that you have had difficulty finding a provider willing to meet your needs, call us and we’ll be happy to discuss.  Chances are, we’ve already thought of it!