Finding the Best Uniform Company For You


If you have started the process of researching for a new uniform company, I’d like to share with you what our customers expect:

  1. A uniform company who understands your needs

    A brief conversation on the phone will let you know immediately if this supplier understands who you are and what you need. There are literally thousands of uniform suppliers who can take your order and have uniforms shipped to you. If that is all you need, you’re in luck.  Most customers who are shopping  are looking to improve on their current program for one reason or another.  Pick up the phone and start the conversation.  You will know right away if this company is potentially a good fit, or an online broker.  

  2. Service. Fast

    Service means different things to different people, but everyone knows if they get good service or not.  Service is not only the speed at which you get your order, but the communication that goes along with it, and the attitude of the supplier. You the customer are the most important part of any transaction. If you are not made to feel that way…move on.

  3. Accuracy

    Get it right. Enough said.

  4. Support

    OK, we don’t always get it right. Everyone makes mistakes. What makes excellent companies stand out is how they handle mistakes. Your mistake or theirs. Anytime a mistake is made regardless of who is at fault the most important task is finding the solution, not the blame.     

  5. Quality Uniforms and Selection

    Many companies today will overwhelm you with the vast selection available on their website, but can’t answer questions on any of it. More is not always better.  If a supplier has the products you need without hundreds of other selections, so what? You’re better off to deal with a company who can focus on the specific products you need, and do it well. If they have more stuff too, that’s OK.

  6. Quality Uniform Decoration

    Ask some questions about uniform embroidery or whatever garment decoration you prefer. You want to make sure that your uniform supplier is providing these services “in house” (for quality control), and that they understand decoration.  There are lots of ways to improve upon the process, or lots of steps than can be skipped just to save money. 

  7. Fair Pricing

    Our customers understand why we are in business. If you just need the cheapest uniform supplier you can find them online, but it probably won’t be Image Connection.  Uniform companies that want to be the lowest price provider, also usually offer the least amount of service. We work hard to keep our prices fair, and we won’t gouge you on the incidentals like freight and handling fees.  Always check your bill, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If your uniform bill reads like it came from your medical provider, beware.

  8. Reputation

    In today’s online world a lot of the work is done for you. Many companies engage a 3rd party supplier to manage their online reputation. We prefer to use one that has been doing this longer that most companies have been in business, the Better Business Bureau. See what our customers have to say about Image Connection.

  9. Special Uniform Services

    Not all uniform programs are created equal, but the best uniform companies are able to provide services to help manage your uniform program.  Most customers have to do more with less these days, and looking to their suppliers to pick up the slack. We can help with a variety of special services available to our customers,  for example: tracking an employee uniform allowance, consolidated billing, Individual employee packaging, or a dedicated uniform website. These are just a few examples, but if your uniform company is unable or unwilling to discuss your special requirements, Call Us!

  10. We want to be your uniform company.

    We know what separates a good uniform company from a great uniform company, and from the rest of the pack. It has never been easier for customers to shop the competition and compare what suppliers have to offer. We strive to consistently offer service that some uniforms companies only talk about..…as if it were a mythical Unicorn. Let us show you our magic!