Public Safety Uniforms and Apparel: EMS/FIRE

  • Posted By : Randy McKernan
  • July 18, 2017

Protecting Those Who Protect Us

Since many men and women put their lives on the line to protect their community’s wellbeing and secure safety, it’s important we protect them with proper uniforms as well. EMS, first responders, fire and other public safety officials are an important part of our business. We like to provide employees in this industry with services they not only deserve, but work uniforms that will keep them safe. Below we have outlined the key to quality uniforms and some of the products and services we provide that ensures protected public safety employees.

The Key to Quality Uniforms

Public Safety Work Uniform

When purchasing uniforms for all areas of the public safety sector, there are a couple things you will want to keep in mind. No matter what service these employees provide, protection is always on the top of the list. This means it’s crucial to choose a uniform company that produces quality items that are dependable in any type of situation. Since different industries need different services, a company with flexible uniform management program is something extremely beneficial to consider. Choosing a company that also provides a one stop shopping experience only makes things easier. When you can get all pieces of your public safety uniform at one place, you will rest assured knowing the pieces are quality and will do its job of keeping you safe when it matters the most.

ANSI-High Visibility Apparel

High Visibility ANSI Apparel

Staying safe while working in public safety means remaining visible always. Whether you’re waiting for fire or EMS to arrive, a distinguishing factor that says help has come is always their visible uniforms. Since we know the importance of this for many different jobs, we are proud to offer ANSI certified high visibility apparel. This apparel is sure to be visible even in areas where lighting isn’t the brightest. They are equipped with great safety features that include reflective striping. Our complete line offers many different options to choose from. You can decide between anything from outerwear, and headwear. Just specify in your order if you need ANSI certified pieces and you’ll be well on your way to visibility. These options are perfect for other industries as well. You can utilize them in other service areas like maintenance, construction and more.

A Uniform Management Program

Decoration on a Polo Shirt

Image Connection is proud to offer public safety officials a cutting-edge solution when it comes to managing branded merchandise. When we noticed a need for a software solution that simplified the way uniforms are managed, we decided to develop Image365™. Image365™ makes the entire uniform management process simple and secure. Your online company store will let you make decisions regarding product selections, logos and more. You will be able to limit these options to pre-approved choices so your specific industry needs will be met. One of the best features of this program is the ability to manage and take control of your uniform finances. You will be able to set fixed dollar amounts or a fixed number of pieces that your employees can order during your budget period. This makes setting uniform allowance easy and creates a guaranteed way to keep track of spending.

When you’re in charge of keeping employees safe, the last thing you want to worry about is managing uniforms. Working with Image Connection means a guaranteed way to manage your budget, receive quality pieces, and even customize accessories. With these services and much more, together we can ensure protection to public safety officials.

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