Choosing An Effective Promotional Product

Coffee Mug Promotional Product With Brooklyn Heights LogoPens, coffee mugs, hand sanitizer, etc. These items have been branded and gifted a million times over. Selecting the right product for your business to give away is simple. It doesn't matter which item you choose as long as it serves the purpose of getting your message to the intended audience. Your choice of products should be relevant to your audience or event, and must have enough of an imprint area to display the desired message.

If you want to display a paragraph about the history of your company, along with a graphic illustration of your building, then you would logically select an item such as a coffee mug. Coffee mugs offer a two-sided imprint and a larger print area. When buying small products such as pens, the amount of information you can display is limited to the company name, number and web address in most cases. If you are unsure of which type of product to choose, you might find the following information useful. In a study conducted by Relevant Insights in November of 2012, the top three most useful types of promotional products were computer products, health and safety, and writing instruments. These findings are based on which products consumers decided to keep. Apparel makes up a full 1/3 of the promotional products market.

There are methods that allow you to track and control the effectiveness of your advertising. The first method is to print a QR code on your product. A QR code can be scanned by any enabled smartphone, and will take the user immediately to a specified web page. The page can be your home page or a web page designed specifically for that product or event. Your website analytics can easily track any traffic generated. You may also issue a call-to-action. A call-to-action can be anything from handing out stickers that are redeemable for a discount to rewarding your recipients for liking/friending you on social media. The idea is to prompt your audience to do something while allowing yourself to track the result.

Clear Click Key Light Promotional ProductThe most used strategy is the simplest. Give your clients a product with your phone number, web address, and other vital information on it, and do it often. Who among us doesn’t have pens, calendars, desk items, cell phone gadgets and the like from your insurance agent, realtor or exterminator? Keeping your name in front of clients and potential customers is the most valuable sales tool you have, no matter what your product or service. Research has shown that customers keep and re-use these products time and again. If they don’t have your information, it is most likely your competitors’.

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